The listing with the nice pictures got 10x the emails.

I was just reading about this guy who bought a small one bedroom just to rent out to airbnbers. He is in Las Vegas. The following quote really stuck out to me as a real estate photographer. 

"It’s amazing how big of a difference having really nice pictures of your space can make. A few months ago I ran an informal experiment (as research for another project) where I listed my apartment for rent on craigslist. They were both the same price, in the same area. One listing had really nice pictures taken with a high quality dslr and wide angel lens and the other had badly lit pictures taken with my iPhone. The listing with the nice pictures got 10x the emails." - Source

That's incredible and a lesson to all the real estate agents and home sellers that having professional quality photography actually puts money in your pocket. Not the other way around. 

Get your listings professionally photographed. You won't regret the extra cash on the sale or the referrals and praise for doing the most for your clients. Both buyer and sellers notice. Really.