Afternoon Chill

Feel like I didn't do much today. I have though. Finished editing a big project and cut together 4 other short one minute videos for advertising. 

Music for today:

Little music to relax to this afternoon. 

I made Bao for the first time last night. The dough for Chinese pork buns. I'm pescetarian so I made a Baigan Bharta and a potato mix as fillings for the the Bao. I need something crunchy and sweet made with he Hoisin sauce. I wasn't happy with he Baigan in the buns. Although the name almost makes me need to find a slightly different way to do Baigan Buns. I made rice too. Had a lentil thing that I didn't have time to finish. Just a sweet lentil dipping thing, wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do.

Made this short vlog about random stuff to procrastinate from editing. I want to use less and less editing. I'm already attracted to cam-on-sticks approach and simple manipulation of the video medium. I like easy. I like simple. It keeps thing in order. The new gimbal tech and stabilization is making video creation so much easier. I don't even need a tripod with the new camcorder I got. The Sony Ax-53 - Complete opposite of the direction I was heading. I got a cheap C100 last year. Looking at Arri's and stuff. So the camcorder path was nowhere in my mind before seriously thinking about what I needed for what I was actually shooting and not what I was imagining could happen. Rentals area a thing too. 

So now I'm finally producing stuff. Get the right gear and the work flows. I'm not supporting GAS though. That's different. 

Thank you! - Zephyr