I curate this list as I encounter new photographers. It started as just a place to keep the names of people I want to remember but know I will forget. I recently decided to put it up on my website for the passerby to check out some amazing currently working photographers that inspire me.




Antonin Kratochvil

James Natchwey

Steve Mccurry

Tim Walker

Paolo Pellegrin

Sebastião Salgado

Thomas Struth

Peter Hurley

Greg Heisler

Quentin Bacon

Helena Price

Zach Arias

David Cohen de Lara

Gregory Crewdson

Tomas van Houtryve

Christy Lee Rogers 



Scott Hargis

Mike Kelley

Eric Roth

Mike Butler

Scott Frances

Brian Robbins

Nic Granleese

Mathew Millman

Shawn Harper

Tim Van de Velde


Alexey Ivanov

Julia Inanov