Terms of Service

Zephyr McIntyre Photography

Thank you for choosing Zephyr McIntyre Photography! These are the terms that you agree to when you work with Zephyr McIntyre Photography.


Availability and Scheduling


The calendar on our website is kept up to date daily with current availability.


Preparation and The Photo Shoot

Photography works best when the home has been prepared before hand. Photography does not include any staging or editing of furniture. Photography is considered 'documentary' and we photograph what we see. We have no design sense or ability to determine if 'it looks good'.

For the best results residents and pets should leave the property for about 1.5 hours, longer for video production or Matterport Tours.



Matterport is a company, a camera, and a process to create 3D virtual tours. This gives buyers the experience of walking through the home from their phones, tablets, or laptops. Matterport captures beautiful HD images with the 3d tour. The camera records spatial data that is used to create a 3D computer model of the interior of the home. The process produces a web-enabled tour that you can share, embed on your website or have at showings on your personal device to show potential clients. With the spatial data Matterport also has the option to create professional scale floorplans of the parts of the home scanned.


Delivery and Payment

Photographs are digitally delivered by 2pm the next business day. Friday photoshoots are delivered the following Monday.

Personal or Business Check at the start time of photography is my preferred payment method.

I do accept PayPal within 7 days of photography. Payment can be made at https://www.paypal.me/ZephyrMcIntyre

Payment Terms: Net7



Real Estate Photography (and associated services) are provided with a limited license to use, reproduce, and distribute the images and other associated media produced by Zephyr McIntyre Photography for the sole purpose of marketing the property photographed. The license terminates if the property sold, taken off the market, the agent loses the listing, or 1 year elapses.

Zephyr McIntyre retains all copyright and ownership over any work completed. Zephyr McIntyre Photography guarantees any work completed will be kept for 7 days from the date of digital delivery. Zephyr McIntyre Photography archives images at their discretion and does not guarantee any media beyond 7 days from the date of digital delivery.



HDR Real Estate Photography

$150 up to 3000 Square Feet ($75 per 1000 SF thereafter)


$250 up to 3000 Square Feet ($75 per 1000 SF thereafter)

Aerial Media Production

$500/hour (Weather and FAA permitting)

Video Production

$350/hr Editing

$200/hr Video/Audio Capture


Associate Photographers

Associate photographers work is edited and delivered by Zephyr McIntyre (as well as scheduled and billed). Associate photography is delivered within 2 days of the photoshoot.


Options and Fees

Travel over 45 miles $1/mile

Same Day Delivery $50

Blue Skies Photoshop $50

24 hour Cancelation/Rescheduling $50

Cancelation after photographer has arrived (no reschedule) $100

Late Fee: 10% compounding per day after late