2018 Solstice FPV Wing San Juan Ridge

Oh man so many names.

I’m still working on getting video ready to edit for the 2019 event. I just published the 2018 video a few weeks ago. Here it is in blog form now.

The first edit of the video was long and boring on purpose. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a copy I meant it to be a big screen experience with friends. Some of the long shots are definitely trolls but also something important about patience and time. The calm before the storm. Oh and those other shots…

I reedited it for ‘consumer’ consumption just before this years event and here that is below. Enjoy. Thanks for watching.

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2019 So far... losing 20lbs

2019 started out roughly. it’s already past the first quarter and the sun is really starting to heat up here in the northern hemisphere. Summer is coming. Funny enough Winter is also coming… I don’t follow GOT but it’s hard to miss.

I am focusing my energy on working out and eating right. I understand macros and calorie counting now. I’m looking to lose 20lbs so I can climb better. I can’t climb everyday. I’m at a point where my tendons need to stretch and strengthen. I need something else to do on off days so I don’t feel like I’m falling behind and still support my climbing goals.

At first I thought I should start strength training, the Arnold Golden 6 looks easy enough. Then I looked at calisthenics. The thing is, I am not weak. Or massively strong. There’s a few things I need to work on, so I’m working on calisthenic progressions, but the idea of bulking up seemed counter to climbing better. More strength but also more weight to lug up a cliff face.

Since I am already pretty happy with my current strength and the remaining ability I’ll need will come from climbing routinely I needed to focus on something else. There’s another way to getting better at climbing than simply getting stronger. Climbing isn’t about pulling yourself up a wall. It’s very athletic and the best beta is usually to shift weight and use your legs for upward movement. Grip Strength + Body Weight. I’m not fat but my BMI is 29. Not bad but on the unhealthy side of the scale.

Competitive climbers have a BMI of 20-22. So that’s my goal. If I miss it a little bit I’ll still be in a much better place than today. I put my details into a BMI calculator and messed with the weight until I got the BMI number I wanted. I need to lose 20lbs. about 11% of my body weight. I’m 5’8” and 180lbs. I never really lost the college 30. It doesn’t really show though.

The good news is that I naturally do not eat very much. I’ve unintentionally conditioned myself for scarcity. My diet is deficient in key areas though. I only discovered that when I started thinking about protein and what I was eating.

So for me it’s more about really defining what I can eat and how much. I follow an unstrict vegetarian diet, I love sushi, you understand I hope. Other that the occasional sushi dinner I eat eggs, cheese, and drink milk. That’s about it for my animal product consumption.

Massively upsacling my protein intake has had a huge positive impact on my mood and general life satisfaction. Or maybe it was the climbing. I’m only 1 month into this fitness and diet journey though. I have a lot to learn and execute.

Ok wrapping this up for now. One last thing - a dietary discovery - this is all I’m thinking about in terms of planning my diets. Here are my choices: Protein, Protein Delivery Device, Supporting Nutrients. That’s it. Very simple. I’m tracking protein, calories, sugars, and fats.

Till the next time I write something down….

-Zephyr McItntyre